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The Made in Spain guarantee endorses our history

Everything born in Aracinsa is designed so that our clients have in their hands that perfect belt they are looking for to incorporate their sales proposals to the public. Likewise, we also have two own collections: Aracinsa and Sarrio.

Design and trends

Always in search of new articles and ideas, from Aracinsa we are continuously connected with the fashion trends of the moment.

We take as references the international fashion shows and we work every day to create that ideal accessories for all sorts of occasions, for all kinds of establishments, big surfaces or small textile shops.

Diseño y Tendencias - Aracinsa - Fábrica de cinturones
Ecológicos - Aracinsa - Fábrica_de_cinturones

Sustainable design

From Aracinsa we bet for an ecological work. But how?

Skins and leathers used to create our belts are in their vast majority of vegetable tanning, without polluting elements. Also, the buckles and metal elements that are placed as a detail do not carry harmful substances such as lead and nickel. The adhesives are water-based, solvent-free, and environmentally friendly, non-toxic inks are used.

Manufacturing quality

In our collections we craft products that combine tradition and innovation, both in the conception of each concrete model and in the manufacturing processes.

Tradition not to lose sight of the artisan work with the skin and the sketches, and innovation in the use of machinery and procedures allow us to create the belts that are born in the facilities of Aracinsa.

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