Custom belts for every client

Leather is our passion. Just enter our facilities located in Utebo (Zaragoza) to immerse yourself in that special aroma that pervades everything. A characteristic smell that accompanies us since 1986.

Inheriting the love our family felt for the leather and for the craft work resulted in the birth of Aracinsa, an aragonese company specialized in the manufacturing of belts.

Skin modeled with love, effort and desire to keep growing gives as a result the accessories for which prestigious national and international firms bet.

Also large fashion chains or textile companies trust our work.

In order to respond to all your needs, our mission is simple: to do what we know best to turn your proposals into reality.

We adapt to your demands, your style and your budget and we offer you a personalized product. A tailored belt so that the final output is what you were really looking for.

Passion for leather

National and international firms trust our work